Self builders may have the same dilemma of finding a good land to materialize their self build projects. Surpassing this challenge may take several years for some self builders, while others may not be able to successfully pass this stage. Because of this, some may think that any self build land will be good enough to materialize their project. But those people who are thinking this way is definitely on the wrong path. These self builders must understand that it will require significant effort to find a good land. Baugrund verkaufen

Sometimes land dealers will try to fool you of selling a land with a very low cost. You should be cautious of the reason behind the unbelievable low cost of the land. It may be because the land is situated outside the zone area where land development is not allowed. Thus, to make sure that you will not be fooled by this type of lands, make sure to spend some time to check with your local council and ask for a detailed map of land properties where development is not allowed.

At times, ridiculously low priced lands are situated in areas wherein there is no planning permission. If this is the case, these lands will not serve you your purpose of acquiring the land. You need to know if the land allows planning before you buy it. Land with planning permissions cost much higher. Thus if someone deals a land that has ridiculously low cost, you must be vigilant before buying it. You must understand that even if the land only has an outline planning permission, its cost must be a lot higher. So if the seller hasn’t had his land outlined, you must start to think twice about grabbing the offer. Thus if you still want to grab the chance of buying a land at a lower cost, the safer move for you to do is to have a legal option. That is having the deal of buying the land at a certain price provided that you will receive a planning permission written in to papers.

However, if you want to have the safest buy of a land, make sure to go for land with a detailed planning permission. Never mind if the plan does not suit your taste because you can always have the option to reapply for a new plan. But of course, these lands will always have the higher price.

Remember that there is various land banking companies that will divide farmlands outside development areas and try to sell them at a much lower cost. Do not fall on these traps. If you are thinking that these farmlands will be open for development in the near future, you might be wrong. Thus, before you spend your hard earned money in buying a self build land, be very vigilant. Remember that there are a lot of agents who will try every bit of strategy just to dispose their lands, even up to the point of fooling land seekers just like you.