How is it possible to manage an organization less and actually achieve the result of managing your organization better?

Let us take a look at a typical MLM business organization to put this statement to the test.

As one becomes a leader of his or her own down line or better put, organization, the tendency is to micro-manage all aspects of the business for your people. It is a natural tendency because it was your effort that built your organization, right? insight management


In a typical MLM organization a new distributor has the opportunity to develop their product knowledge and understand the compensation package along with all other marketing materials. They have the opportunity to ask for help and receive guidance from their up line.

The time it takes a new distributor to come up to speed obviously varies with the individual, but one thing is for certain, most leaders forget how long it took themselves to come up to speed.

If a leader is adamant about micro-managing their business, may I suggest that they focus their attention on personal development which adds value to everyone.

Take a look at your organizations members and determine the spectrum of skill sets available, because not everyone is going to be good at everything. Once you have determined what skill sets area available to you, and then manage the skill sets so that all members benefit from these strengths and protect their weaknesses.

By managing your organization in a more focused manner (usually less), your organization will result in a stronger and more improved unit and not a splintered organization that only a few people are successful.

When I began my MLM career in 1985, I took it upon myself to become the leader of the organization (which was just I at the beginning).

However, by surrounding myself with great mentors and by empowering each member of my organization, I was able to build a fairly large international organization and worked less at the day-to-day tasks.

Most leaders want to manage. They want to keep their fingers on the pulse of the business and keep close tabs on their down line.

The best solution to this problem is to relax as a leader. Stop getting in your down line’s way. Cut them some slack. Stop looking over their shoulders. Stop bogging them down in MLM bureaucracy.