Summer winds are blowing in and it seems like a change is in the air for Manchester City. The only question that remains is just how big of a change is it going to be? With a goal of taking Manchester City to the Champions League by the 2010-2011 season, the club’s owner is looking for a massive transformation. ข่าวฟุตบอล

After the recent sacking of manager Eriksson, Manchester City immediately approached Blackburn Rover’s coach, Mark Hughes, to take his place. In the past four years, Hughes has brought the Rovers to three semi-finals. However, he was frustrated by the limited budget at Blackburn and felt he had taken the team as far as he could. As much as the Rovers didn’t want to part with Hughes, he wanted to go, and with expected compensation of £2 million or more, the deal was done.

After Eriksson’s less than stellar performance at Manchester City, they are hoping that Hughes can take the budget they are providing him and bring the team up to its potential. Interviews imply that Hughes’ vision for the club closely mirrors that of the City’s owner and execs. He has already given them a run-down of players and staff that he intends to recruit and they have placed their fate in his hands, along with a £40 million transfer budget. However, Hughes has a reputation for obtaining players by paying nominal, and sometimes non-existent, transfer fees. Hoping to keep that track record going, some of the rumored targets for bringing to the club are his backroom staff from Blackburn, as well as the team’s winger, David Bentley, and their striker, Roque Santa Cruz.

Another player Manchester City wants, and wants badly, is Barcelona’s Ronaldinho. Claimed by many fans and experts to be the best football player in the world, Ronaldinho also wants to be the best paid. He is reportedly asking for £200,000 a week. That is £65,000 more than the current highest paid player. But is he worth it? AC Milan and Chelsea have decided he isn’t and have backed out of negotiations with the Brazilian-born forward. But Manchester City is pushing on.

This potential transfer must have Hughes chomping at the bit – as the acquisition would be a huge boost to his already formidable reputation. Ronaldinho is still under contract with Barcelona though, so the new manager would most likely have to make a sizeable dip into that transfer budget. Of course, considering the desire to build Manchester City into one of the top teams in England, having a player of Ronaldinho’s skill and renown could only help. His name alone will draw fans to the club.